Mmmmm…Kettle Corn: Covered Bridge Adds New Product With ACOA Investment

image: iStock.

WATERVILLE – The Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company is hiring up to 14 new people and adding kettle corn to its product line with the aid of a $437,500 investment from the federal government.

The investment from the Atlantic Canadian Opportunities Agency (ACOA) will enable the company to purchase new equipment, including sorters, conveyors, popcorn poppers and a bagger.

Ryan Albright, the President of Covered Bridge Potato Chips, said the company excited about adding kettle corn to its product offerings.

“The new, up-to-date equipment will enable us to enhance our quality and efficiency as we keep moving forward,” said Albright in a release Tuesday. “We’re also very excited about the launch of our new kettle corn line, which means more jobs. We expect to see continued success as we expand to meet demand in the fast-growing ready-to-eat popcorn market.”

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Covered Bridge has been in an expansion mode lately. This investment is part of Phase 2 of a 9,000 square-foot expansion announced in January. It has helped the company improve efficiencies and optimize operating space to increase production.

TJ Harvey, Member of Parliament for Tobique-Mactaquac, said ACOA’s investment helps the company grow its export market and create jobs.

“The Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company is growing its export market, creating up to 14 new jobs, and bringing visitors into the area to tour its unique facility,” he said. “Our government’s support through ACOA has helped this facility expand, introduce new products, and create jobs.  The whole region stands to benefit from this kind of success.”