LISTEN: Boiling Point Talks Growing as a CEO with Marcel LeBrun


Is a CEO born or made? Marcel LeBrun believes the latter.

Marcel LeBrun

He should know because he was given the opportunity to do just that. After graduating from the University of New Brunswick, native New Brunswicker LeBrun took a job at New Brunswick’s telecom company, NBTel (remember when that was a thing?)

One day he was in the right meeting at the right time and was given the opportunity to become CEO of Imagic TV, which made software for telecom companies. LeBrun learned his position by doing it and eventually was given the opportunity to become CEO for Radian6, one of Canada’s leading tech acquisitions. Today LeBrun is a self-described tech entrepreneur.

In this week’s episode of Boiling Point, hosts Greg Hemmings and Dave Veale chat with LeBrun about his journey and what it means to be an entrepreneur today.

Listen to the episode below: