LISTEN: Boiling Point Talks Girl Power with Robyn Tingley of GlassSKY


It’s common knowledge by now that diversity and inclusion are beneficial to any workplace. Yet, many companies are still struggling with hiring and retaining women.

Robyn Tingley

Though women play an important role in many sectors, there is still a lack of women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Robyn Tingley is trying to change this. Born and raised in New Brunswick, she is aiming to inspire women and girls through her organization, GlassSKY.

GlassSKY is dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of women and believes that women should be encouraged to reach their full potential in all industries. They do this through motivation, coaching, and mentorship as well as investments in scholarships, microloans and research.

In this week’s episode of Boiling Point, hosts Greg Hemmings and Dave Veale chat with Tingley about how you can inspire the young women in your life.

Listen to the episode below: