Listen: Boiling Point Gets Deep with Picaroons Owner Sean Dunbar


Sean Dunbar has one of the best jobs ever. As the owner of Picaroons Traditional Ales, he gets to brew and talk beer for a living.

Image: Picaroons

But Dunbar does much more than that. Through his business, he’s also been a catalyst and shaper of New Brunswick’s craft brewing industry. Not only has he been able to grow his own business, but he’s also been a mentor and collaborator for those just starting in the industry. He doesn’t believe in only having his brewery dominate the market, or in fierce competition. Instead, he believes a rising tide lifts all boats.

On this episode of Boiling Point, hosts Greg Hemmings and Dave Veale chat with Dunbar about his business philosophy (and of course beer) and things get pretty deep, in the incredibly inspiring kind of way.

Listen to the episode below: