LISTEN: Boiling Point Chats with Bryan Welch of B The Change Media


If you’re a regular listener of Boiling Point or a regular reader of Huddle, you may have heard of the B Corp movement and how it uses business as a catalyst for doing good in the world.

But Bryan Welch has a plan to spread the word further with his new company B The Change Media. Welch has made a career in magazine publishing since the mid-70s and got the idea for telling stories about businesses doing good in the world about ten years ago.

At the time it was hard to distinguish companies with genuine commitments versus those making marketing plays. However, the introduction of the B Lab assessment tool gave him objective evidence needed to proceed with his plan.

While other magazines on business assess companies on their ability to rapidly acquire wealth through lists like the “Fortune 500,” Bryan is currently working on his own designation, “Best for the World”.

Check out this episode of Boiling Point to learn more about B The Change Media and the growing B Corp movement.

Listen to the episode below: