What Jared Goodman is Loving Today

Jared Goodman. Image: Submitted

In this series, we ask members of the East Coast’s business community to share things they’re loving lately.

This week we asked Jared Goodman, content marketing coordinator at Moncton-based Ironflow Technologies. Inc:

A look at the Iconosquare dashboard.

“Okay so call me a nerd or whatever but right now I’m totally obsessed with Iconosquare: an Instagram analytics/management tool, and one of the best I might add. I could rave about every single one of its features honestly, but if you’ve attended any of my social media workshops you know that my absolute favourite feature is the scheduler!

Not only can you see what day is best to post based on your followers but also what time of day with multiple suggestions based on when your followers are most likely going to be on Instagram! AND it changes weekly as new data is collected about your accounts specific audience so you’re always being strategic when you post.

As a social media management freelancer, this tool is saving my life and increasing engagement for my clients left and right (between 25-45 per cent respectively)! And that’s what I’m loving today.”

Learn more about Iconosquare here.