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What Jane Harwood is Loving Today

Jane Harwood.
Jane Harwood. Image: Submitted

In this series, we ask members of the East Coast’s business community to share things they’re loving lately.

This week we asked Jane Harwood, a public relations and communications expert based in Moncton:

Harwood and her fiancé Adam.
Image: Submitted

“Today I’m loving my family and friends – more than ever if that’s possible!

I have a bit of wedding brain right now as my fiancé Adam and I are getting married this weekend. I’m feeling overwhelmingly thankful for family and friends who are going out of their way to help us with the wedding and to show us how much they care. Whether it’s offering to design the program, picking guests up at the airport, organizing playlists or lending moral support – it all means the world to us. We’re so excited to celebrate with everyone. Currently taking bets on how many times I’ll tear up.”