Gender Identity, Inclusion and Transitioning in the Workplace

Gender Identity, Inclusion and Transitioning in the Workplace

On Thursday, November 23, 2017 Family Plus/Life Solutions will host Gender Identity, Inclusion & Transitioning in the Workplace at the Boys and Girls Club of Saint John. The workshop, led by Sara Hayward, M.ED, CCC, LCT, addresses interest expressed by workplaces in Greater Saint John who are working towards deepening their understanding and creating more inclusive work environments.

Over the years Family Plus/Life Solutions has become known for their unique reputation of working with transgender individuals, their families and support networks. Through providing guidance with understanding terminology, reactions and physiological changes the workshop will provide insights into:

  • The difference between gender, sex, expression and attraction
  • Sexuality and gender as a spectrum
  • Terminology
  • The transitioning process
  • Rights and sensitivities specifically relating to this population

Family Plus/Life Solutions has over 20 therapists with varying specialties to ensure we are providing the best services possible. They are committed to the delivery of evidence-based innovative approaches to care by a strong interdisciplinary team of professionals that empower our clients to make positive personal choices.

Registration for the workshop is now open.