Fredericton’s Kognitiv Spark Gains Traction

Kognitiv Spark founders Ryan Groom and Duncan McSporran (Image: Cara Smith)

Kognitiv Spark has plunged into the heady market for augmented reality training products and is now using its traction to raise capital.

The Fredericton company offers an augmented reality solution to help the military and industries with training or instructing remote workers using complex equipment.

Yan Simard – a serial entrepreneur who founded another Fredericton startup, Zaptap – said the company now has clients and is working on about 10 contracts.

“What we’re focusing on is we’re providing holographic and remote training for industry and military operations,” said Simard. “If you’re an operator of heavy equipment who encounters an issue, you can put on a headset and talk it through with an expert.”

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