Former Tech Entrepreneur Becomes Leader of New Brunswick NDP

Jennifer McKenzie is the new leader of the NDP in New Brunswick. Image: Twitter @JenMcKenzieNDP

FREDERICTON — A former chair of Ottawa’s public school board has been acclaimed leader of the New Brunswick NDP.

Party officials announced today that Jennifer McKenzie, a tech entrepreneur who grew up in Fredericton, will lead the NDP in next year’s provincial election.

McKenzie is an engineer who worked in Ontario before returning to the province.

She replaces Dominic Cardy, who resigned New Years Day after blaming party infighting.

McKenzie announced her candidacy for the leadership in April; no other candidates came forward.

She finished third when she ran for the New Democrats in New Brunswick’s Fundy−Royal riding in the 2015 federal election, and also made a failed bid as an NDP candidate in Ontario’s 2014 provincial election while she was living in Ottawa.

“Like many New Brunswickers, I have lived away for work,” McKenzie said in a statement.

“As an engineer, I learned business acumen and how to grow from a small operation to an enterprise. As chair of the Ottawa school board, I governed the turnaround of an organization of similar size to New Brunswick’s Ministry of Education.”


The Canadian Press