EduCode’s Pilot Program to Bring Coding into New Brunswick French Schools

Image: flickr user lupuca

The French school system in New Brunswick is launching a pilot project that will teach computer coding to junior high school students, even when their teachers have no experience in computer science.

The initiative will use a new product from Moncton-based EduCode Canada Inc., which has developed a computer science educational platform that helps teachers with no background in coding. The pilot project is being offered to Grade 7 students in four French-language schools in Kedgwick, Bathurst, Tracadie and Fredericton, but EduCode also has curriculum in English.

The company is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Guyverson Vernous, a native of Haiti who several years ago launched Moncton-based iCubemedia, which developed digital products for small business. He said iCubemedia has been doing well and is financing the development of his new company.

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