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Cute Office Dogs of New Brunswick

Dogs are pretty awesome.

Not only are they cute, provide unconditional love and fill the gaping hole in all our lives, but some scientific studies say having a dog around can improve both our physical and mental health.

With such obvious benefits, many companies are bringing their furry friends into the office.

We asked some New Brunswick businesses and companies to tell us about their adorable friends and why they think it’s important to welcome them in the office.

1) Hotspot Merchant Solutions: Rosie the retriever (Riveter)

Doc (left) and Rosie having fun in the snow.

Doc (white) and Rosie. We can’t handle how adorable this photo is.

Back in August, we were introduced to Doc , the service dog-in-training that was bringing a cuteness overload to the Hotspot office in Fredericton. Since then, Doc has moved on to pursue his life of service and the HotSpot team has welcomed a new canine to the team: Rosie the retriever.

“Rosie the riveter is our new addition and has us believing that Beyonce’s alter ego “Sasha Fierce” was actually modelled off of this dog’s sassy behaviour. She keeps us on our toes, and reminds us to never take things too seriously,” says Erin Flood, HotSpot’s COO.

“What better way to start a day than with big boosts of serotonin and endorphins brought on by the greeting of a big, happy goofy dog?  In the world of startups, day to day can often vary on where you’ll fall on the emotional spectrum (happy, sad, nervous, anxious etc.). Having a dog not only boosts office morale but offers unlimited unconditional love and unbiased support for people at times they may need it the most.”

2) Alongside: Panda and Charlie

Community manager Nora Cottrill sharing notes with Head of Morale, Panda

Charlie overseeing the new furniture assembly with developer Paul Brooker

At Moncton-based Alongside, cuties Panda and Charlie are basically part of the staff.

“We recognize the value of having a work environment that’s comfortable and casual. Having dogs around was something we wanted to do in our old space but are lucky/happy to be able to now. Between us and Porpoise [who share an office], there’s usually a dog at Botsford Station every other week or so. They add to the positive vibe and often bring about some comedic relief too,” says Alongside community manager Nora Cottrill. “Yves Boudreau, our CEO, often brings in Panda who we’ve dubbed Head of Morale. She sits in on most meetings and keeps the energy levels up. Charlie, Panda’s BFF, hangs out with us as well. He’s Emily’s lovable golden-doodle who is still trying to get involved in lunch-time ping pong but never makes the cut.”

3) Porpoise: Onyx and Bean

Onyx looking majestic in the woods.

Bean hanging out at the Porpoise office in Moncton

4) T4G Kick: Taz, Charlotte, Flops, Wrigley, Rosie and Schatzi

T4G Kick’s (the digital marketing branch of New Brunswick-based T4G) Halifax office literally has a squad of cute dogs that come to the office with their owners on a regular basis. We had to give them their own gallery.

“At T4G, we welcome well-behaved dogs in the office and have a pack of four-legged friends who drop by on a regular basis’” says Patti Ellis, director of digital storytelling for T4G Kick. “Everyone can benefit from a little ‘fuzz therapy’ – we believe having a dog by your side reduces stress, brings the team together, and helps make the overall office environment a healthier and happier place to be and adds to the office culture we’re so proud of. The added bonus? It’s great for dogs, too! They don’t have to spend the day at home alone.”

5) Urban Almanac: Cooper 

Cooper, director of sales since Fredericton’s Urban Almanac first opened in 1998, owner Andrew Wilkens has always had a dog “working” in the shop. Cooper is a giant schnauzer who’s not only the best companion but a huge help with the business.

“Apart from the company and joy of having a pooch with me, Cooper does help sell. He makes everyone feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. And families browsing stay longer as their children play with Cooper. Sometimes a couple will come in, the male reluctantly, but then he’s the one who won’t leave the store because he is playing with Cooper,” Wilkens says. “Long and short of it, bringing a dog to work was a personal decision for my benefit. At the time, in 1998 when we first opened, I never imagined my dog becoming a big part of the store.”

6) Huddle: Lucky and Lucy (A.K.A, the best dogs ever… but we’re biased). 

Lucy, chief financial officer

Lucky, head of Human Resources

Does your office have a cute dog? We want to see them (seriously, we REALLY want see them). Share pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter.