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Continuing Education in the Maritimes: Where to Go

No matter where you are in your career, you can always learn something new.

Not only is learning new things generally awesome, there are also plenty of other benefits for both you and your employer or business if you decide to continue your education. 

Luckily, if you’re in the Maritimes, there are a few institutions that offer continued education courses both online and in-person for personal and professional development.

Here are just a few:

University of New Brunswick College of Extended Learning

Human Resources Management Program

For those looking to get into the human resources game, this course is specifically designed for newbies. It’s also great for HR professionals who want to keep up-to-date with issues in the field. It’s also a good route for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to improve or gain human resources skills.

Pathway to Coping Online Course

It’s no secret that stress and mental health issues are a big cost to the workplace, not just for employees personally, but for the business operation as a whole. The good news is that there are skills and tools to help individuals cope with workplace stress. The challenge is many don’t know what they are. This online course provides the opportunity for individuals to develop their coping skills following a structured developmental program. Topics covered include human motivation insights; positive thinking; resiliency; self-confidence and relationships.

New Brunswick Community College

Essentials of Salesforce Administration

Today more and more businesses are using Salesforce software to boost their sales and marketing. If you’re looking to take the lead on Salesforce use at your business or work for a business that uses it, this course covers everything you’ll need.  

Sustainable Leadership Program

No matter what industry you’re in, strong leadership is key to success. This five-day NBCC Saint John course led by Martin Chiasson will cover the key steps of the leadership process while ensuring participants create a plan suited to their style, industry and team environment.

Sobey School for Business/ St. Mary’s University

Making Change Work

Whether it’s merging, changing a flagship product or introducing transforming new policies, many people don’t like change, even when it’s necessary. In this three-day program, you will learn what the biggest challenges and mistakes are when it comes to implementing effective innovation and how to avoid them. You will learn how to create a structured plan to address the changes you want, but also the root causes of resistance from different parties.

Mentoring Fundamentals

Mentorship is not only beneficial for young people, but for businesses too. Workplaces with mentoring programs help set-up not only their new recruits for success but their business as well.  This two-day course will prepare mentors with all they need to know about stepping into a mentoring partnership with clarity, confidence and inspiration. They also have a one-day course for mentees.

Dalhousie University’s College of Continuing Education  

Certificate in Ergonomics

For those looking to up their occupational health and safety game, this program is for you. It’s also for those in charge of occupational health and safety programs in their workplace or anyone interested in creating and maintaining an ergonomics program for their company or organization.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate Program

This new program introduces students to Lean Six Sigma (LSS), an advanced set of quality tools applied in a structured way to improve an organization’s processes and the services or products they produce. LSS projects range from improved quality and speed to decreased costs; from improved customer satisfaction to improved employee morale and engagement. This Green Belt program will essentially make you a sensei in all things LSS.

Canadian Virtual University

If none of the local institutions offer what you’re looking for, Canadian Virtual University is essentially a directory for all online courses offered at reputable post-secondary institutions across Canada. They have courses on any almost every subject, including:

History of Popular Music II: Be-bop to Beatles, 1940-1970

This course from Athabasca University covers the history of North American popular music from the ragtime era to the 1969 Woodstock festival. You will not only get to explore the birth of popular music that took place in the three decades following WWII, but you will also learn where that music fits in both a social and historical contexts.

Physical Activity, Obesity, and Weight Control

This course from Memorial University in Newfoundland and Labrador looks at the relationship between physical activity, obesity and morbidity. It will have a particular focus on the incidence and prevalence of obesity as well as the environmental and genetic factors affecting it.

So, there you have it. Now go learn some stuff!