Which City in Atlantic Canada Has the Most Rats?

It’s one of those times you really don’t want to mix up Saint John with St. John’s – if you’re Saint Johners, that is.

St. John’s is the most rodent-infested city in Atlantic Canada, according to a list published by the pest control company, Orkin Canada.

The company based their rankings on the number of rodent (mice and rat) treatments the company performed on commercial and residential properties between September 1, 2016, and August 31, 2017. In an e-mail, the company told Huddle it can’t release precise numbers for each city for competitive reasons.

Saint John isn’t far behind St. John’s on the list, finishing third. Halifax finished second, Moncton fourth and Dartmouth fifth.

Fredericton finished way down the list at number 14 (cue the jokes about what would have happened if provincial politicians were included in the numbers).

No need to worry about rat populations hurting your city’s reputation, though. New York City, after all, has two million of them.