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Cheers to Canada! A Huddle Drinking Game

Canada day celebrations are happening all over the New Brunswick this weekend. Here’s a way to add even more fun (Let’s face it, you’ll already be drinking anyway):

1 Drink: When you spot an adult with a Canada flag tat… on their face

1 Drink: For every Canadian Flag worn creatively

1 Drink: When you see someone wearing camouflage (warning: your arm will get tired)

Finish your drink: When a family member gets belligerent

2 Drinks: For every “omg I totally need this!” trinket bought from the flea market

3 Drinks: If someone asks for a drive out of town to the nearest NB Liquor outlet because they forgot Monday is a holiday

1 Drink: Every time someone says “jeez louise at least Canada doesn’t have Trump!”

1 Drink: Every time someone says Justin Trudeau is pretty

1 Additional Drink: For every drink you take toasting Canada’s superior beer

1 Drink: For Henderson, because he scored for Canada damnit

1 Drink: If someone says Canada Day is “right fun”

2 Drinks: If someone says they’re “right f***ed”

2 Drinks: If the sound of an ATV interrupts your conversation

1 Drink: When you see a parent carrying a “coffee mug”

1 Drink: If you see beer in a Sobeys bag

Finish your drink: If anyone reminds you that “Actually, John A. MacDonald was a total alcoholic!”

1 Drink (of wine): If anyone unfavourably compares St. Jean Baptiste Day to Canada Day