AppDigenous Creates Product That Opens Doors For People With Disabilities

Melissa Lunney with fellow JEDI entrepreneur Melvin Nash. Image: via Entrevestor

There’s nothing like finding a possible early adopter to stoke the entrepreneurial fires, and right now Melissa Lunney seems stoked.

Lunney is the Founder and CEO of AppDigenous Development Inc., a young company whose technology opens doors automatically for people with disabilities. The one-year-old company has been working with the Aboriginal Business Accelerator Program offered by the Joint Economic Development Initiative, or JEDI, the Fredericton group that fosters economic growth for First Nations communities.

She was new to entrepreneurship when she joined the program in 2016, but now she is talking to the City of Fredericton about trying out Doorable (the name of AppDigenous’ product) in one or more of its buildings. It’s given fresh confidence to the entrepreneur, which was on display during an interview at the JEDI offices.

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